Costruzione & Sviluppo

Special enclosures are always used when the customer requirements are too individual and they cannot be solved with a standard product.

MULTI-BOX develops individual customer solutions if corresponding quantities are needed. We implement your optical and technical requirements.

Our services in the area of special enclosure development:

  • Preparation of design studies and 3D constructions
  • Advice on the selection of raw materials
  • Optimisation of existing designs
  • Feasibility studies and Moldflow analyses
  • Printing of 3D prototypes
  • Construction and procurement of injection moulds
  • Series production of special enclosures
  • Quality documentation, certification and protection class tests
  • Mechanical machining (CNC)
  • Optical design (silk screen printing, engraving)
  • Assembly work and cable installation

Construction & Project duration
In close cooperation with our customers, we take over both the design and the technical implementation of exclusive enclosure solutions. Within a few weeks you will receive construction documents according to your specifications. As soon as we have final designs, we create printed 3D prototypes from near-series materials. This allows you to test the enclosure in practice even before any moulds are manufactured. After approval of the design data, we need between 10 and 14 weeks, depending on the complexity, until we present an initial sample out of the new moulds.

Mould Quality
We use high quality steel and standard components from well-known manufacturers for our injection and die-casting moulds. All details are optimally designed for the corresponding moulded parts, the material and the desired output quantity.

Series production & Material selection
After completion of the mould construction, we produce your desired enclosure in our in-house plastic injection department. You decide on the use of special materials or an individual colour design of the injected parts. Subsequently, we foam seamless PU gaskets, process the enclosures mechanically or take over the printing and assembly.

The result is cost-efficient and tailor-made enclosure solution from one source.


Individualità è il nostro standard
Grazie a un ampio parco macchine e una squadra altamente motivata, trasformiamo i nostri prodotti standard in soluzioni personalizzate.