With an individual silk screen print you can mark your enclosure according to the functial need of the application and enhance the optical design.

Improve your enclosure with a company logo or other graphics. All we need is a printable template and your colour specification according to RAL or Pantone.

Details of the silk screen printing process:

The colour is applied through a fine-meshed fabric (sieve). In places where no ink is to be applied, this fabric is made impermeable to ink with a stencil. A separate sieve and stencil is produced for each printing colour.

Due to the high layer thickness, the silk screen printing process achieves a long-lasting ink application, which is suitable for industrial applications. Not only flat but also uneven surfaces can be printed.

The costs for series production are low compared to other processes.


Individualità è il nostro standard
Grazie a un ampio parco macchine e una squadra altamente motivata, trasformiamo i nostri prodotti standard in soluzioni personalizzate.